Einheit & Kampf Nr.36 auf Englisch erhältlich – Unity & Struggle No. 36 in English available

Frisch aus dem Druck ist nun „Unity & Struggle“ No. 36, die Zeitschrift der Internationalen Konferenz marxistisch-leninistischer Parteien und Organisationen, in Englisch erhältlich.

Fresh from the print shop Unity & Struggle No. 36, the journal of the international conference of marxist-leninist parties ans organizations, in English is available.

Sie enthält folgende Beiträge /It contains the following contributions:

Bolivia, The Semi-Bonapartism of Evo Morales, Revolutionary Communist Party – PCR

Brazil, Military Intervention in Rio de Janeiro Increases Violence and Illegal Drug Trade, Revolutionary Communist Party – PCR

Burkina Faso, Popular Struggles Are Developing in Our Country!, Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (PCRV)

Colombia, Something Smells Rotten, Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist) – PCC(ML)

Denmark, The Working Class and Labour Aristocracy in Denmark Today, Workers‘ Communist Party of Denmark – APK

Dominican Republic, A Necessary and Militantly Rigorous Question: Reform or Revolution?, Communist Party of Labor – PCT

Ecuador, The Popular Referendum of February 4: The People Win, the Popular Organizations and the Left Advance, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador – PCMLE

Germany, One Hundred Years of the November Revolution in Germany , Organization for the Construction of the Workers’ Communist Party of Germany

India, From the October Revolution to the Construction of Socialism in One Country, Revolutionary Democracy

Italy, The Rise of Bourgeois Nationalism and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Proletariat, Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy

Ivory Coast, The Ivory Coast Is Heading towards Chaos, Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast

Mexico, Mexico: The Working Class and the Peoples Face New Challenges, Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist)

Morocco, The Forms and Content of the Militancy of the Masses, the Class and Their Links, Democratic Way

Peru, Without a Communist Party and an Organized People, There Is No Revolution, Peruvian Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)

Spain, The Pedagogical Ideas of Marx, Communist Party of Spain (M-L) PCE(ML)

Tunisia, An Approach to the Unity of the Left, or Reflections on a Big „Left“ Party, Workers’ Party of Tunisia – PTT

Turkey, The Structuralist Class Analysis of Poulantzas – A Theoretical Critique Party of Labour (EMEP) – Turkey

Venezuela, The Venezuelan People Are Resisting and Fighting, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela – PCMLV

Unity & Struggle, No.36, 94 Seiten/pages, 4 Euro zuzüglich Porto/ plus postage

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